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xStormtrooperx er et straight edge hardcore band fra Hommersåk, som ble dannet fra askene av Unheard Cries. Bandet het Arise of Judgement til oktober 2007. Bandet spiller rask metalcore med positive tekster. Rundt påsketider 2007 ble EP-en The End of Apathy spilt inn.


xSTORMTROOPERx, from Hommersåk, Norway (back then, known as xArise of Judgementx) was born from the ashes of the metalcore-band Unheard Cries, 16th September 2005. Ole Wik (Guitar), Vidar Henriksen (Vocals), Kristian Dale (Vocals), Joakim Svela (Drums), Simon Fuglestein (Guitar) and Nils Ivar Hefte (Bass) wanted to create a straight edge metalcore-band with influences from Purification, Arkangel, Earth Crisis and Point of No Return with heavy beatdowns and fast metalcore parts and lyrics with a positive and pure message.

Early 2006, Kristian left the band to play in On own terms, after a little while Simon left the band as well. Later, in June, Ida Kristine Kristiansen joined as the second vocalist.

Simon returned to Arise Of Judgement September 2006, and few weeks later they released their first 4 track demo, "A War To End It All".

At the end of 2006, Nils Ivar left the band. Kristian came back and played bass for them until they found a replacement. Early 2007 came the replacement, Stian Askeland. They recorded the EP, The End of Apathy during Easter 2007. In October, they changed their name from Arise of Judgement to xStormtrooperx.

Simon quit xStormtrooperx in December 2007. They played one concert 23 December 07 with only a single guitarist, and in February Kjetil Aasen joined, making them a six-piece once again.

Ida had to leave xStormtrooperx in December 2008, due to scheduling difficulties. She left on good terms with the rest of the band, which understands and respects her decision. No new member will be added to the band, Vidar will carry out vocal duties on his own.

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