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Sonic Chakras Rec/Medulla Oblongata/Banyan Rec/Biijah Rec/Another Dimension Music . NoizeBug er Steffen Sommerstad fra Stavanger.

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On the westcoast of Norway, between majestic mountains and in the far mystic forests somewhere…the NoizeBug project came alive. The project was founded by Steffen Sommerstad in 2003. After he fell in love with the psychedelic trance scene in the year 2000 and going to several parties and festivals across Scandinavia and Europe the following years, and finding his spiritual “self”, he wanted to set his own soundscapes to life. When he first got the famous “WOW!” factor listening to twisted , powerful quality music on the dancefloor, he thought to himself: “I want to influence people exactly the same way and to get the same feeling like I did”. He soon found himself floating away in front of the computer with different hardware synthesizers and software, creating lots of different sound patterns and rhythms, where rhythm has been a big interest all his life.

His style is very powerful, with big organic atmospheres and mystic soundscapes, influenced by the mystic nature you’ll find in the magical land of Norway!



Dimensional Avenue_preview_AnotherDimensionMusic(premaster) by NoizeBug


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